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2 Things to Check to Make Sure Your Watch Winder Safe

Of course, you want to buy a watch winder safe because you love its convenient support to keep your automatic watch running accurately. Nevertheless, the watch winder is not only about the way to keep your watch running. You also want to keep your watch safe in it. That is why you need to check these two things.

Your Watch Caliber

Not all automatic watches are made with the same design and mechanism. The automatic watches from different brands might have different requirements. You must not ignore this detail when you want to buy a watch winder safe. The requirement will include how many turns your watch needs a day to keep it moving accurately. You have to make sure that your watch winder safe can meet the specific requirement of every watch.

That is why you must not forget to check the caliber of your automatic watch before you get a watch winder. The caliber will determine the motor direction and the minimum amount of turns per day needed by the watch to run accurately. Making sure that the watch winder safe can keep up with the requirements will ensure the safety of your watch. It means that your watch will not get overwound when you place it in the winder safe.

It might mean that you need a branded winder safe that comes with high quality. You can adjust the turns per day based on your watch requirement if you use the high-quality product, after all. You have to be careful with the cheaper winder safe if you do not want to ruin your precious watches.

Stop Time

When you wear your automatic watch, your wrist will not move all the time. It will naturally stop sometimes and you need to make sure that the winder safe can mimic the natural movement of your wrist. Yes, the stop time is a crucial aspect you need to check from your watch winder. 

If there is no stop time in your watch winder, your watch might be overwound. It can be dangerous for your watch since its parts can get worn faster. The stop time might be a feature that cannot be found from a cheap watch winder. 

You might worry that the winder safe will not run after it stops. However, the winder will only stop for a while. It will work again after a few minutes. The watch winder safe will wind your watches back.

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