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4 Things to Consider when Buying a Watch Winder Canada

Buying a watch winder canada can save you from the hassle of wind and reset your automatic watch manually. Before you can enjoy the great benefits of the watch winder, you need to do your homework to choose the right device. In this circumstance, you need to consider these factors.

Storage Size

Your automatic watch size matters not only for the comfort and look when you are wearing it but also when you want to store it. The storage size offered by some watch winders might not be suitable for the watch with a 50mm diameter. It is important to make sure that the dimensions of the watch winder canada can accommodate the size of your watch.

If you have a plan to add your watch collection in the future, you should consider buying a winder that has more than one slot. This way, you do not have to buy another watch winder in the future. But a single winder will be a great choice if your room space is limited.


The movement in the watch winder will depend on the motor. When buying a watch winder canada, you must not forget to pay attention to the motor type used by the device. It is better to choose a watch winder with a top-rated motor because it means that you can rely on it for winding your watch for a long time.

A high-quality motor will not only relate to its reliability when being used for winding the automatic watch. A high-quality motor will also produce very low noise that will not disturb your time at home. You must not be surprised that a watch winder with a high-quality motor comes with a more expensive price tag.

Turns Per Day Setting

The automatic watch will have a close relation with turns per day. You need to consider this aspect when looking for a watch winder. Do not forget to check the TPD or Turns Per Day setting of the watch winder. It will represent the times needed by the watch wider to create a complete turn in a day. The recommendation for most watches is 700 TPD to keep the time accurate. But you should check your watch manual since some watches might have different specifications.


Last but not least, you also need to pay attention to the case. It will not affect its performance but it will be more about appearance. You might consider the materials, design, and even features of the watch winder canada case.

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